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As a veteran performer and songwriter, Julez provides the anchor to the tag team duo of shared lead/rhythm guitar. He began playing guitar at the age of 14 and has been greatly influenced by the 70's, the burgeoning era of some of the greatest classic guitar rock.  Julez brings a strong, driving, thumping sound and a wealth of seasoned musicianship to the Strife table.

Tommy was first introduced to Social Strife on one of the Unicrons many Misadventures in Toronto! Tommy and the Unicron quickly became Kindred Souls and hit it off immediately! In the year since that chance encounter little did Tommy know that he would be asked to join the Strife! Tommy's thundering bass lines, tight rhythms and eclectic musical tastes makes him a versatile player and solid bottom end!

Stefan is a veteran of the Canadian music scene. Stefan's sense of timing and rhythm makes him the pulse of Strife, the engine that drives it. Stefan is a true percussionist in every manner, he not only keeps time he makes music!


People Are Strange

And the strange, estranged, disenfranchised, deranged and rearranged scream into the void. "Where are the beat poets, the gonzo journalists and the artistic revolutionary voices not afraid to be. ...DARE TO BE. ..different than the manufactured product of popular culture? Where is the Lizard King of the 21st century? From inside the darkness we hear a voice screaming. The wild wicked wail of The Unicron. The graffiti profanity spraying out good sense, common sense and nonsense onto the walls most only half see every day. Look closer. ..much closer. ..close enough to blur the chaos into their individual components. Honesty Integrity Loyalty Tenacity. When you back up slowly and refocus on the image. It looks so much different.     Quote by:  Rose Marie of roGue musicZine

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New to Social Strife, but far from new to the music scene, JD brings a formidable history to the band and to the energy level during a live performance, on stage is where you see his star shine.

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Social Strife is a project envisioned by Sean 'The Unicron' Farro to fill the void created by the synthetic music and a contrived industry.  Refusing the buy in/buy up method of corporate pay to play and be the enigma amongst their peers. Become the new standard by which other bands will measure their success. Bring a grinding halt to the over sold predictable fallacy of formulaic music and awaken the zombified industry with raucous honesty and dangerous truth.  The path of Social Strife or The “Strife Way” is born of a need to carve a road to the unfound destination.  Bypassing the rush hour gridlock of current musicians constantly trodding along the same path of non success.

"We don’t want to be the next last thing.

We are going to be the first next thing."