Stay Safe and we'll see you all again soon

Social Strife is a project envisioned by Sean 'The Unicron' Strife to fill the void created by the synthetic music and a contrived industry.  Refusing the buy in/buy up method of corporate pay to play and be the enigma amongst their peers. Become the new standard by which other bands will measure their success. Bring a grinding halt to the over sold predictable fallacy of formulaic music and awaken the zombified industry with raucous honesty and dangerous truth.  

The path of Social Strife or The “Strife Way” is born of a need to carve a road to the unfound destination.  Bypassing the rush hour gridlock of current musicians constantly trodding along the same path of non success.

"We don’t want to be the next last thing.

We are going to be the first next thing."

The Unicron, Sean Strife - Singer/Songwriter

Anthony "Gorgeous" Caetano - Lead Guitar/backing vox

"Drop D" Dylan Young Letters - Bass/Backing vox

Rob "BamBam" Pawley - Drums/Percussion